Program Overview

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initial process a person will go through upon voluntarily entering the program. Phase 1 is designed to detox and distance yourself from harmful environments and connect with God. It is a 9 month program in which each person going through it is put in environments that are designed for them to disconnect from the things that have caused them to fall previously and reconnect them to healthy community and ulimately develop a relationship with God.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a 4 month transitional phase that moves guys from the seclusiveness and strict structure of Phase 1 into a season of steady employment, financial responsibility, continued family restoration and learning how to function as a Holy Spirit filled, Christ-Centered member of the community all while maintaining the transparency, accountablilty and discipline that makes disciples successful. The Phase 2 member will work for employers who foster an environment of positivity and have an understanding of the mens background. The money earned during employment will be used to help create a weekly budget and pay minimal rent in hopes to teach and learn how to responsibly be a steward of their finances. During this time men will also be allowed to see family on approved overnight stays during weekends. Phase 2 is designed to take all the foundational truths learned in Phase 1 about Jesus Christ and The Bible and begin to implement and apply them to daily life.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the period after the 4 month transition in Phase 2. It takes the principles and lessons learned in the previous 13 months and helps to further implement them in your day to day life. You are given a wider boundary and are expected to walk and act in all manner that is seen as Christ like. This is the time in which your life will take shape from the foundation and that what was built upon it

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