Outreach Ministries Overview

Outreach is a Christ centered residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. It comprises of 3 Phases, each uniquely designed to change lives, renew minds, break bad behavioral patterns and addictions, as well as set men up for success entering back into the workplace and daily life.

Giving a man a new start is not enough; he must have a change of heart, so the spiritual needs of each individual receive top priority. Each individual is encouraged to remain in residence at the center in Pataskala, Ohio for nine months to a year. During that period, emphasis is placed upon totally surrendering their life to Jesus Christ, disciplined living, hard work, and the love of Christ are stressed.

Outreach does not just teach men how to manage their addictions, but strives to transform men to the point that the addictions and cravings no longer exist.

Outreach ministries is a non-profit organization located just minutes outside of Columbus, in Pataskala, Ohio. The facilities is located on 20 acres and comprises of a Phase 1 dorm, Phase 2 & 3 housing, as well as staff that live on site.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initial process a person will go through upon voluntarily entering the program. Phase 1 is designed to detox and distance yourself from harmful environments and connect with God....

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Phase 2

Phase 2 is a 4 month transitional phase that moves guys from the seclusiveness and strict structure of Phase 1 into a season of steady employment, financial responsibility, continued family restoration...

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Phase 3

Phase 3 is the period after the 4 month transition in Phase 2. It takes the principles and lessons learned in the previous 13 months and helps to further implement them in your day to day life...

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