Our Approach

Outreach Ministries is a center for the rehabilitation of those who are troubled and without peace... substance abusers, alcoholics, and anyone with a sincere desire to receive help and direction for their lives.

Giving a man a new start is not enough; he must have a change of heart, so the spiritual needs of each individual receive top priority. Each individual is encouraged to remain in residence at the center in Pataskala, Ohio for nine months to a year. During that period, emphasis is placed upon totally surrendering their life to Jesus Christ, disciplined living, hard work, and the love of Christ are stressed.

Our Story

As with any thing that has an ultimate eternal value it begins with God, a man, and obedience. At age thirty, having a life controlled by self, drugs, and a worldly system which tries to cure its ills by prison, Victor Maldonado found the One who could bring new life to him. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit using the Teen Challenge organization "Vic" was born again - born from above - born anew (Jn3:3). Brought miraculously to Columbus, Ohio with $2 and a plain vision that Jesus had said "I love you, I love you, I love you," he preached on the streets and witnessed at the Ohio State Fair. His future wife, then Margie Lake, having been born again -saved - at age fifteen in a store front Church of Christians also was witnessing at that fair.

Appalachian and Puerto Rican fervor joined in a marriage to minister in the Teen Challenge model to women, then to men and women after venturing out to the wilds of Pataskala, Ohio in early 1970.

Outreach was founded in 1970 by Victor Maldonado and over the span of nearly 50 years, the ministry has seen countless lives transformed and turned around. Through a proven model, Outreach continues to transform lives today.

Meet the Team

Directors & Coordinators

Steve Maldonado

Executive Director

Mike Roberts

Phase 1 Coordinator

Josh Clatty

Phase 1 Coordinator

Zach Prewitt

Phase 2 Coordinator

Chris Lindfors

Phase 1 Coordinator

Ryan Martin

Phase 3 Coordinator

Get Help...

If you are in need of a restart or you are looking to turn your life around, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for YOU!