Welcome to Outreach Ministries! We are a Christian non-profit ministry dedicated to helping men who are having difficulties with addictions and substance abuse. 

We are proud of our legacy of honor, respect, and victory in our battle for the hearts of men.

Since 1970, we have pioneered the way in men’s rehabilitation in central Ohio. Using a focused and biblical approach we are able to see men completely set free and empowered to live their lives as God intended.

 Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to see men set free from addictions and empowered to live their lives as God intended. We do this through a biblical approach and seek that each person gets to the root of what drives them to substance abuse, and deals with the root cause, leading to complete freedom.

Outreach Ministries has helped hundreds of men over the last 45+ years of its existence. Currently, we have a 90% success rate of rehabilitation for men coming in with drug and alcohol addictions.

How we do it

A stay at Outreach is comprised off three phases. We highly suggest our guests complete all of them. 

Phase one lasts nine months. And is a time where a man learns that he is not his mistakes. His identity is not that of an addict but is a child of the King; an heir to His kingdom. Phase one is a time of loving counseling, Christian teaching, guidance and camaraderie. He is led on a journey of restoration to wholesome ways of thinking and living life. It is a hard, but very safe place to be.

Phase two last 2-4 months and is a place where engagement in the world begins again. The guys start to take back that which was stolen from them. They get a job, start driving once more and learn to budget time and money. All of this occurs under the watchful guidance of Outreach. 

Phase three will last as long as a man needs it to. By this time, one is fully partaking of the redemption that God intends for all of us in any of the difficult areas we are overcoming.  Autonomy is granted and the guys are all involved in various organizations such as Feed My Sheep, work with the homeless, and are connected closely with many different churches.

Our history is rich. The victories are many. Please contact us now if we can help you any way.